South Lake Tahoe Cannabis Retail Store & Lofts


Project / Type: Cannabis Retail Store / Marijuana Dispensary

Location: South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Size: 4,000 Square Feet ( 372 Square Meters)

Status: Under Development


The South Gateway Project is a mixed-use retail and residential community property that represents the culmination of decades of planning and effort. The base of the structure and elevator shaft are built using board-formed concrete. The majority of the building is made of unfinished, mild steel and structural insulated panels. The steel will be prefabricated off-site, which minimizes construction waste and site disruption. The cantilevered walkway is of steel and wood construction. Custom-wood doors and large wood-framed windows throughout the structure provide plenty of natural light and remind viewers on both sides of the glass of the connection between the indoor and outdoor. All six, spacious apartments feature 16’-ceilings and enjoy abundant views onto the unique, sustainable, and award-winning natural landscapes of the South Gateway property, which combine tasteful structural design elements that complement the beauty of Tahoe’s existing natural environment. In keeping with our commitment to source services locally and find ongoing ways to support businesses in the area, we are proud to partner with Tahoe Outdoor Living, which will design, implement, and maintain all landscaping at the South Gateway.

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