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Archillusion Design is a design-build company based in Los Angeles, California that made up of passionate thinkers, visionary designers, architects and builders versed in a variety of markets and building typologies. At the center of our process is a focus on new ways to solve the challenges of the new built environment.

Our team characterized by true collaboration, open information sharing, value-based decision making, entrepreneurial thinking, and proficient use of technology to elevate design.

Archillusion Design operates within the fields of architecture, interior design, real estate development, product design, research and technology. The outcome of this integrated process are sophisticated, powerful, high-performance buildings that enrich their surroundings.


We are a multi-platform design studio with a knack for creating minimal, award winning work.




Founder and Principal of Archillusion Design


Bachelor of Architecture | Woodbury University School of Architecture | Burbank, CA

Master of Real Estate Development for Architects | Woodbury University School of Architecture | San Diego, CA


Artur Nesterenko, the principal of Archillusion Design Studio, has made a name for himself as a multi-platform designer and builder, driving passion projects from beginning to end by taking on the roles of developer, architect, interior designer, and general contractor. His style is one characterized by striking but minimalist views, communicating in his work a sense of space that never comes off as gaudy or over-expressed.

As a licensed California General Contractor and as a business owner, Artur has seen architecture and real estate development from every angle. Artur’s goal is to help clients to bring their dreams to life, by affording them the benefit of his hard-won knowledge and unique perspective.

Artur is deeply interested in technology, and at Archillusion Design Studio he uses cutting-edge tech to facilitate the design and construction processes. He is an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for ways to do something different and exciting. To every project that he works on, he brings unbridled enthusiasm and an eager to put his gigs to good use, knowing that his work has the potential to brighten and change people’s lives.



Designer and Project Manager



Creative Director



Interior Designer